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2007 Chicago Auto Show 99th Edition February 9-18,2007
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Get involved with the Auto Show SHUTDOWN!

Participate in the SHUTDOWN Festival
The 2008 Auto Show SHUTDOWN begins at Daley Plaza on Saturday, February 9th at noon, and continues with a short bicycle ride to the Auto Show, arriving at 1 pm at the McCormick Place King Drive Entrance.

Help plan the SHUTDOWN Festival
Join our email planning list. WARNING: Spies and other agents of the automobile and oil industries will be detected and mercilessly eviscerated, as will Spammers.

Write a letter
Get out your pen and write a note to one of the groups participating in the Auto Show charity event. (What the heck are groups like the Lung Association and Children's Memorial Hospital doing hob-nobbing with auto industry bigwigs, anyway?) Or write a letter to the media asking them to tell the other side of the story and not just echo what the Auto Show is selling. Or write to your elected representatives and ask them to support sustainable development and appropriate transportation.

Reduce your own automobile dependence
Break the Gridlock has been helping people all over the Chicago area, and around the world, break free from car dependence for over seven years!

Contribute to this website
Contact the bikegeeks if you want to help with maintainence of this website, or any of our other projects. You can also submit your own rollover images for the car pictures at the top of each page on this site in our Rollover Photoshop Contest!

Donate a few bucks to support this effort
The automobile industry spends billions of dollars a year on advertising and marketing propaganda. We're just a small (but growing) group with limited resources. So, come on, help us out if you can. Contact us for information.

SHUT DOWN an auto show in your city!
Even though we are shutting down the Chicago Auto Show, rogue elements of the automobile industry continue to threaten cities all over the world with their orgies of automobile glorification. Don't let them get away with it! We can help you organize your own SHUTDOWN in your home city. Contact us to get started.

Other ideas? Contact us!

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