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2007 Chicago Auto Show 99th Edition February 9-18,2007
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Auto Show Shutdown Blog -- Rev. H. Antiford
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Ask Rev. H. Antiford

Are cars and global warming really a threat to the environment? Will I suffer eternal damnation for driving two blocks to pick up a quart of milk?

-- T. Smith, Schaumburg

Dear Mr. Smith:

Both theologians and scientists now agree: car emissions are a major contributor to global warming, which will lead to rising ocean levels, and eventually hell on earth. Droughts are projected to shrink inland bodies of water and spur countless catastrophes (see the book of Revelations for details).

Introductions and Salutations

Rev. H. AntifordCharismatic evangelist and world-renowned expert on the coming environmental Apocalypse, the Rev. H. Antiford is a pastor in the Church of Christ without Cars.

A former auto owner, the Rev. Antiford was converted to preaching the gospel of car freedom when God revealed himself to Antiford while stuck in a Los Angeles traffic jam in 1992.

The Rev. Antiford welcomes your questions regarding spirituality, petrol collapse and basic bike repair. He may be emailed at

Greetings to all readers and Welcome to my new blog! Together we shall traverse the the moral and intellectual grounds around the accursed Chicago Auto Show. I shall share the wisdom I have gained over the years and tell you about the hard road to salvation.

My friends, we are at a junction. The Charlatans of the Auto Show pedal their wicked wares hoping to dupe you into committing the sins of pride and avarice. Together we'll look away down the superior path -- one that refuses to demand we pave over God's green Earth to satisfy our motorized hubris. Once we have seen the light, we'll come together and meet these lost and wicked people at their den of deceit -- none other than the McCormick Place -- and cast them out of our fair town!

So please join with me and hear the Word. Share with me your doubts and skepticism and hear the truth.

I invite you to email me with any questions or reactions you might encounter. Remember friends, the road to Hell is paved.

Rev. H. Antiford

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