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2007 Chicago Auto Show 99th Edition February 9-18,2007
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Are cars and global warming really a threat to the environment? Will I suffer eternal damnation for driving two blocks to pick up a quart of milk?

-- T. Smith, Schaumburg

Dear Mr. Smith:

Both theologians and scientists now agree: car emissions are a major contributor to global warming, which will lead to rising ocean levels, and eventually hell on earth. Droughts are projected to shrink inland bodies of water and spur countless catastrophes (see the book of Revelations for details).

Not content to let environmental catastrophe dictate the future of our fragile riparian areas, right thinking people of God, both locally and around the world, are working to avert a global disaster.

Over the past few years, Paris has systematically reduced urban space for the automobile to discourage driving. In addition, during the summer cars are banned from roads alongside the Seine in order to restore sand and create a beach for all Parisians to enjoy.

London recently imposed high tariffs on private automobiles entering their downtown area to encourage more sustainable transportation choices.

Closer to home, Chicago congregations are working at many levels to counter over-dependence on automobiles. Perhaps the best opportunity to avoid eternal damnation, hell on earth and to get right with God is to join the AutoShow Shutdown Fest on February 10th at McCormick Place.

Whether it’s giving up driving for Lent, getting involved in sustainable transportation campaigns, depaving our driveway, or simply driving less and biking, walking and riding transit more, our combined efforts will lead us on a road to a more hopeful tomorrow and help us protect and preserve the paradise that God has bequeathed us.

And if you want to be sure and avoid the hell-fires of eternal damnation, don\'t wait--repent today. Get off the highway to hell by giving up your sinful, car driving ways, and get ready for the Kingdom of Heaven by biking , walking and riding the bus.

Clean living and constant prayer,
Rev. H. Antiford

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