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Auto Show Shutdown Blog -- Snowball (the polar bear)
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A new friend!

Today I learned that there are other Polar Bears who are on the Internet to get the word out about our situation up in the Arctic.

I don't know these bears, but they sure are cute over at Polar Bear SOS

I think their friends at the NRDC need to get with the program. They seem to think that if people use more effecient cars/fuel, us bears will be okay. Seems misguided. As I heard someone else say, "There's no such thing as a green car."

Bears stranded as ice melts away

I saw this picture, which made me sad:

New Island!

Although I'm a bear and don't know how to read, one of my smart friends, Woody the Spotted Owl, told me about the following article in the New York Times. I hope that those of you who know how to read can learn from it!

The Warming of Greenland
Published: January 16, 2007

Snowball the Bear

Hi! My name is Snowball.

Snowball the polar bearSnowball the talking polar bear lives near the Arctic Circle.

She's in Chicago to discuss the environmental plights that befall her species. When she's not advocating for polices relating to climate change, she enjoys eating seals and playing in the Arctic snow.

Snowball can be reached via email at

I bet you've never met a talking polar bear before. That's understandable as I never have either -- I'm the only one!

Listen. I 've got to tell you something. Lately, life has become difficult for us bears. The ice we live on is melting and many of us are dying. The smart humans who study the problem call it "global warming".

I'm coming to the Chicago Auto Show to deliver a message from the polar bears: Please help save the bears-- stop driving. Unless people drive less and global warming is reversed, the days are numbered for me and my furry friends.

I hope you will join us at the Auto Show Shutdown Fest on February 10. Thanks!

If you would like to write me, you can send email to I have to get help reading the screen and typing the reply (your keyboards are much to small!); but I will respond as soon as I am able.


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