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2007 Chicago Auto Show 99th Edition February 9-18,2007
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Below is a sampling of email we've received from site visitors

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I have to take exception to one of your "faqs". Abortion kills more children in the Unites States then car accidents. And they are on purpose! 40 million babies died by choice in the past 30 years. That is a fact.

-- reader BP

Thanks for the feedback.

Following is a direct quote from the "Traffic Safety Facts" report of the NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation), which is linked to from the FAQ in question:

"In 2002, motor vehicle traffic crashes were the leading cause of death for every age 3 through 33."

That seems very clear to me.

I appreciate your point of view. I don't think there needs to be any conflict between the anti-abortion movement and the anti-car culture movement. We're both working to solve what we see as major and urgent crises affecting the lives of the most vulnerable in our society.

So, I don't think it's productive to get into a philosophical and semantic discussion about whether aborted fetuses should be counted as statistics in terms of a statement such as, "Automobile crashes are the number one killer of children and young adults in the United States." But I do stand by that statement, as a summation of the statistic cited above.

Furthermore, I take issue with your characterization of automobile crashes as "accidents," and your implication that they do not occur "on purpose" in the same way as abortions. The automobile industry overtly promotes the usage of a product that is known to kill a certain percentage of its users, as well as a predictable number of bystanders, per vehicle mile. Just as cigarette companies are complicit in lung cancer deaths of both smokers and non-smokers via second-hand smoke, car companies are complicit in the deaths of all crash victims.

It's true that most fatal crashes are "accidents" in the sense that the driver didn't intend to kill anyone, but these deaths are, in fact, inevitable when so many deadly machines are being operated. So there's really nothing accidental about these deaths at all. We know how exactly to prevent them, or at least how to reduce them; the solution is to have fewer cars on the roads, being driven fewer miles. However, the automobile industry works to put more cars on the roads, and to have them be driven more miles. Their efforts, if successful, will undeniably lead to the deaths of more people, of all ages, including unborn children.

Also, cars have a huge negative impact on the lives of children, beyond just crash fatalities. From the growing childhood obesity and diabetes epidemics in the U.S. and other countries, due in large part to kids being shuttled around everywhere in cars instead of walking to school, to increasing asthma rates in children, largely due to automobile-related air pollution, to global warming, automobiles threaten the safety and health of our children, and everyone on our planet, in a myriad of ways, in both the long and short term.

At any rate, even if we disagree about whether abortion or automobiles are a bigger problem, nobody is putting on a giant show to promote and glorify abortion. But the Auto Show does glorify cars, and sells us all a lie that cars are safe, when in fact they are anything but. Make no mistake: the merchants of death are selling their wares at the Auto Show. They're trading the lives of our children, of us all, for profit. That's why it needs to be SHUT DOWN.

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