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2007 Chicago Auto Show 99th Edition February 9-18,2007
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2/8/2007: It's time for another Auto Show Shutdown Festival!


Sounds like it's time for another
Auto Show Shutdown Festival

PDF version

2/2/2007: Communique from Superman

The following notice was sent to us from Superman, via a Mr. Kent at the Daily Planet. (While Mr. Kent will be in town covering events surrounding the SHUTDOWN Festival as part of our media team, he regrets that he will not be able to attend the Festival itself with Superman.)

2/1/2007: Chicago Auto Show Tries to Silence Protest

Cease and Desist Letter Sent in Response to

PDF version

February 1, 2007
Contact: Dan Korn

For Immediate Release

The Arctic ice cap is melting, and the polar bears are angry. They’re coming to Chicago to help save their habitat. And now the auto show’s lawyers are angry, too.

1/12/2007: Chicago Car Show SHUTDOWN Fest 2007

“Save Snowball—Stop Driving!”

Dozens of Bicycle Riding Polar Bears Strike Back at Cars & Global Warming

PDF version

January 12, 2007
Contact: Dan Korn

For Immediate Release

1/13/2007: SHUTDOWN 2007 Promotional Flyer Available

A new flyer is available to those interested in promoting the SHUTDOWN!

Download the flyer, make copies, and distribute!

2/15/2006: Chicago Journal: Curse ye motorheads

Curse ye motorheads
Chicago Journal, February 15, 2006

Scrappy protest delivers on the car-alarm symphony but not, alas, the auto show shutdown

By MAX BROOKS, Contributing Writer

The 2007 Toyota Tundra, which will boast five tons of towing power and nudge aside the Dodge Ram, the Ford F-150, and General Motors’ new GMT-900 as the biggest truck in its class, will also have a fairly standard feature that might have come in handy for those huddling outside the Chicago Auto Show this past Saturday: heat.

Press Release: Chicago Auto Show SHUTDOWN Festival 2006

Chicago Car Show SHUTDOWN Fest 2006

Cyclists Celebrate High Gas Prices, End of the Auto Era

February 1, 2006
For Immediate Release

Contact: Dan Korn 312-505-9307

1/10/2006: SHUTDOWN 2006 Promotional Flyer Available

Here is a flyer to promote the 2006 Auto Show Shutdown!

Download the flyer, make copies, and distribute!

2/1/2005: Just Say "No!" to the Chicago Car Show

Activists, Street Performers Undermine Auto Industry's
$15 Billion Brainwashing Campaign

February 1, 2005
Contact: Dan Korn, 312-505-9307
For Immediate Release

Hundreds of performance artists and bike builders will pedal from Daley Plaza on Saturday, February 12, at 12 noon to the Auto Show Entrance at McCormick Place to carry out a peaceful Car Show Shutdown Festival.

02/09/2004: Some groups soft-pedal Auto Show

Some groups soft-pedal Auto Show
Jon Hilkevitch, Chicago Tribune
February 9, 2004

This is probably the most difficult week of the year for the Chicago area's diehard bicyclists, the folks among us who see pedaling as not only an alternative way to get around or to stay fit, but also as a path to a better life for humankind.

The sense of an endlessly uphill trek has nothing to do with the dangers of navigating ice-rutted streets or knowing that it's still months away from what non-gear heads would consider true biking weather.

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