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2007 Chicago Auto Show 99th Edition February 9-18,2007
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Press Release: Chicago Auto Show SHUTDOWN Festival 2006
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Chicago Car Show SHUTDOWN Fest 2006

Cyclists Celebrate High Gas Prices, End of the Auto Era

February 1, 2006
For Immediate Release

Contact: Dan Korn 312-505-9307

While gasoline prices soar and oil wells run dry, not everyone is fretting. Far from the sprawling suburban subdivisions, endless parking lots and soulless strip malls that are all symbols of a passing era, Chicagoans are gathering to confront the last vestige of car culture and celebrate the dawning of a new day.

Hundreds of Chicago bike builders and performance artists will pedal from Daley Plaza on Saturday, February 11, at 11am and arrive at 12noon at the Auto Show MLK Drive Entrance at McCormick Place to carry out a peaceful Car Show SHUTDOWN Festival ushering in the new post-automobile age.

Car Show SHUTDOWN festivities will include:

  • A live performance by the Chicago Car Alarm Symphony.
  • Muffler and Snow Tire Juggling.
  • Oversized Pinata Parade depicting auto industry titans.
  • Unveiling and test rides of safe, cheap and super-efficient vehicles of tomorrow.

“It’s time to celebrate the end of the automobile and its reign of terror on our city,” said Dan Korn, a Car Show SHUTDOWN Festival ringleader. “No longer will 200 Chicagoans die yearly in automobile crashes and nearly 15,000 others be maimed and injured (Chicago Police Dept. statistics). No longer will Chicago's children suffer asthma hospitalization rates twice the national average , according to the American Lung Association, as the stink of auto exhaust fades into history. And no longer will our public spaces be constipated with slow moving Buicks or violated by parking lots.”

“We’re just glad that Car Show attendees will have a chance to learn about the bright future ahead and celebrate with us,” added Michael Burton from Break the Gridlock, a Chicago group that promotes sustainable transportation. “We look forward to sharing the good news that lethargic, costly and time consuming car trips can be easily replaced by an invigorating ride in the bikelane or a relaxing, affordable commute on a train seat.”

In conjunction with the Car Show SHUTDOWN Festivities, post-auto age artists will be celebrating the opening of the 9th Annual Critical Mass Art Show the night before the Festival, Friday, Feb. 10, 6pm, at Reversible Eye Gallery, 1103 N. California in Chicago. For more information on the Car Show Shutdown Festival and the Critical Mass Art Show see or call Dan Korn at 312-505-9307.


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