Chicago Auto Show SHUTDOWN

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2007 Chicago Auto Show 99th Edition February 9-18,2007
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Meet Snowball
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Meet Snowball

Snowball the polar bear served as mascot for the 2007 Chicago Auto Show Shutdown. Our planet's precious polar ice caps are melting due to climate change brought on by pollution released from industrial smokestacks and automobile tailpipes. Polar bears days on Earth could be numbered if we don't do something to stop the damage that Carbon Dioxide emissions are inflicting on our atmosphere. Many people still seem to be skeptical that human beings are causing harm to our planet, but even a monkey like George W. Bush has finally come clean and admitted that the dirty business of automobiles is threatening life on Earth as we know it. By placing the polar bear on the endangered species list, the United States government has finally admitted that Global Warming is a reality.

George W. Bush recently gave his State of Disunion Address; he asked that Americans reduce their oil consumption by 20% over the next 6 years. The Auto Show Shutdown Crew thinks we can do better than that; we are calling for a 60% reduction in oil consumption over the next 2 years. How is that possible? Simple, get out of your cars and start walking, biking, and taking public transportation when you can - be a hero: drive less. Find out how much carbon dioxide you are responsible for emitting, and learn how you can help save the polar bears and life on Earth as we know it by using the Carbon Calculator.

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