Chicago Auto Show SHUTDOWN

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2007 Chicago Auto Show 99th Edition February 9-18,2007
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Auto Show SHUTDOWN Association
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The International Organization Of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers exists for one thing -- to promote the manufacture, sale, and use of automobiles.

We're here to counter their marketing and propaganda.

Founded in 1999, the Auto Show SHUTDOWN Association (ASSA) is the nation's oldest and largest Auto Show counter-propaganda organization.

The ASSA is comprised of Chicago Critical Mass cyclists and allied members. Critical Mass rides regularly attract over 3,000 people in Chicago.

ASSA members contribute to the state, county and city tax base just as much as drivers; in fact, non-drivers pay a disproportionate amount of taxes to subsidize motorists. Meanwhile, the automobile industry is the single largest advertiser in the world, and spends over $10 billion a year just on marketing. This is equal to the gross domestic product of many countries!

The ASSA's mission is to promote and maintain honesty and dependability; expose untruths and inaccuracies in automobile advertising; strive to constantly improve business methods and ethics; and maintain fair competition among all modes of transportation.

While the Chicago Auto Show SHUTDOWN was first staged in 1999, the ASSA has produced the world famous event since 2005.

The 2007 Chicago Auto Show SHUTDOWN will be the 8th edition.

Activists from around the world consider the Chicago Auto Show as North America's most egregious display of automobile glorification.

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