Chicago Auto Show SHUTDOWN

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2007 Chicago Auto Show 99th Edition February 9-18,2007
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Groups, organizations, and sites who are either contributing to or inspiring the Auto Show SHUTDOWN:

Chicago Critical Mass - The ride, the community, the center of the cycling activism movement in Chicago. Celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2007!

Chicago Bike Winter - Encouraging all-season cycling in Chicago and other cities since 1999.

Break the Gridlock - Chicago-based organization dedicated to reducing America's dependence on automobiles.

The Bike Geeks - an all-volunteer initiative to provide technology assistance to organizations whose goals and advocations generally agree with those of Break The Gridlock.

The Campaign for a Free and Clear Lakefront - a grassroots coalition working to remove Lake Shore Drive from Grant Park, and eventually the entire Chicago shoreline.

C h i c a g o G h o s t B i k e s - a tribute to our fallen comrades.

Carbusters - The name says it all.

NO EXIT by Andy Singer - A fantastic artist of CAR-toons

Parents. The Anti-Drug. - Talk to your kids about cars today. One of our favorites!

Autoholics Anonymous - Are you an Autoholic?

World Carfree Network - the hub of the global carfree movement.

Freedom From Oil - Is there an auto show in your area? This site is an excellent resource for shutting it down! Disclaimer: We at strongly believe that environmental and activist groups need to focus on reducing automobile dependency rather than promoting "green" cars.

Please contact us if you want your site listed here.

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